How to verify your log-in

HOUSELINK upgrades on security function of account usage and sharing

Dear Sir/Madam,

In order to enhance security for projects’ information and the access rights of members, HOUSELINK now introduce the login authentication feature through OTP, beginning from October 14,2019 as below

Login privacy policy through OTP codes

Each member, depending on the registered service package, will be granted different number of user accounts; each account will correspond to their registered usernames and phone number. When any members share their accounts with other people (by providing a username and password), the login user in this case will have to enter the OTP authentication code sent to the registered phone number of that account. Note that: an account cannot be used by more than one device logged in at the same time, so when the account is logged in on an unknown device, the account that is signed in on the old device will be locked, OTP code will be sent to theregistered phone number of that account. The account owner when logs in again (after sharing with another account) will have to perform the authentication steps with the OTP code as mentioned above.

HOUSELINK have the right to monitor the login information and access history of the accounts provided

OTP login instruction

Step 1: Enter the user account and its password to login.

Step 2: Click on the “I’m not a robot” button, then click on the Verify button

Step 3: Wait for the codes sent to the registered phone number inabout 1-3 minutes

Step 4: Enter the code and click on the “Continue” button

Step 5: Successful registration

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