Logo & Cover Requirements

  1. Access to change Logo & Cover photos at:My account -> Professional Profile -> Edit -> Click on the camera image in the Logo image section to change the Logo image. – My account -> Professional Profile -> Edit -> Click “Change Cover” photo button to change Cover.

  2. General requirements. – The representative image must be the logo of the Enterprise, its owner and high quality. – The cover photo is a photo related to the Enterprise, which recommends high-quality photos and is taken at the Enterprise.

  3. Image type and size. – Image size: + Square image with size 1000px * 1000px or larger. + Images cannot be less than 800px * 800px. – Image size compared to Logo size: + The size of the product occupies 80 – 100% of the image length or height. + The entire logo must be in the image and not be distorted. – Logo color regulation: Recommend the logo with white background color.(#FFFFFF)

4. Cover style and sizeImage size: Cover photo with size 1500px * 300px or larger. – With SAFE ZONE color area is the area where text can be displayed. – The red area can be placed in the background and should not be placed. – Please notice that: Place text in the Safe zone makes the contents of the cover image not be obscured by elements of the website, causing loss of aesthetics.

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