Group Buy

1. Access to Add group buy product – Access HOUSELINK website and log in, your account must be Supplier. – Click Professional Profile -> Products 2. Steps to Add group buy product – Click Add Product to add new product
Enter information about your product + Product name (Vietnamese): your product name in Vietnamese (required) + Product name (English): your product name in English (optional) + Short description: write a description of your product (color, shape, materials,…)
– Enter information about Pricing – Click checkboxCharge taxes on this product” if your product Charge taxes. – Enter information about Quantity + Quantity: number of product is available + Minimum of the amount each order: number of products that customer must buy + Unit: Product unit
– ClickEnableto allow group buy your product – Please notice that you only can turn on and can’t turn off this function (only happens with 1 product, not all your products)
– Enter information about Shipping + Click the checkbox if your product requires shipment + Weight: your product weight (Unit: kg or pound) + Width: your product width (Unit: cm or m) + Height: your product height (Unit: cm or m)
– Click “Saveto add new product
Please notice + Free member only can add 4 product + Upgraded member can add unlimited productsHow to group buy products + Click “Product” on the top bar + Not all products allow group buy. Only products that have the Group Buy Now button will be allowed to purchase.
– Enter a number of products you want to buy and click “Place order“.
– Check the final price and clickProceedto checkout to pay.