Search Contractors

  1. Where to go to search for contractors – Access HOUSELINK homepage and login to the system. – Click the “Profsessionals” button to start the search.

  2. Steps to perform search for contractors. – Searching when you already know the contractor’s name: + Click on the “Enter name of contractor” box, type the name of that contractor. + Click “Search” button. – Searching when you only have project information categories: + Click on the “Discribe your project” box. + Find the item according to your opinion based on our suggestions. + Or you can view all constractors by click the “Browse Professionalbutton.

3. Membership – For contractors who have upgraded to become members, the priority will be displayed in the list of searched contractors. – The contractors who fully and accurately update the information in the Professional Profile will also be prioritized for display.

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