Make Bid

1.Access to Bidding – Access the website HOUSELINK and login. – Click on a project you want to bid. 2.Steps for Bidding – Click “View detail” in the bidding scpoes you are interested in.

– After viewing the requirements from the Project Owner, if you continue to bid, click “Make bid now

– Now you are directed to the Making quotation screen, where you can making quotation base on the required items by the Project Owner. – If the project has many participants, choose to send quotation to that participant.

Please notice that to avoid sending multiple duplicate quotations, visit My Quotations to check for duplicates.Enter your quotation base on the list of items provided by Project Owner.

– If the Project Owner allows to Alternative bidding, you can create an + Alternative items to provide a better solution for the Project Owner. Enter Alternative items that you think are a better solution for the Project Owner. + Click the + to add items

– Click “Fill data” to continue making quotation.

– Click “Editto continue adding / editing items. – Click “Done” to finish.

– Click “Save draft” if you want to save this quotation. – Click “Submitif you want to send this quotation immediately. – Click on the “Clock icon” to schedule the submit time.

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