Post a Project

  1. – Access HOUSELINK website and login. – Click button “Post a project” on the top bar. – Or clickMy Account” -> “Post a project“.

  2. Steps to post a project. – Enter exactly and fully information about your project – Click the arrow to show list of Project type and Sub type

  • Enter exactly and fully information about

    • Project name

    • Project location

      • City

      • District

    • Project investment type

    • Project approximate area

      • Construsction area

      • Land area

    • Project status

      • State

      • Status

    • Project operation time

      • Start time

      • Finish time

    • More about your project

  • Add Participants by click “Add a company” or “Add my company

  • Finally, click the “Finish” button and wait until our staff verified your information, we will notify you when your project is online on the system.

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